As a result of adopting an inbuilt system of continuous renewal and upgrading, factory is up-to date in terms of technology.Premises are laid out in such a way a to allow the production to allow the production to take place in areas connected in a logical order corresponding to the sequence of the operations and to the requisite cleanliness levels.All Equipments are designed, commisioned and laid out as per operation and in production order and is being maintained to suit the required function at the requisite time. Production areas are effectively ventilated, with Air-conditioning facilities (including control of temperature and , where necessary, humidity and filtration) appropriate to the product handled, to the operations under taken, and to the external environment.These areas are regularly monitored during production and non-production period to ensure compliance with their designed specifications.All personnel, are thoroughly trained in theory and practice of Good Manufacturing Practice. A high level of personal hygiene is observed by all those concerned with manufacturing process.Storage areas are designed and segregated and the materials are stored in various categories. Special storage zone are provided to keep the material under specific temperature and climatic conditions.