Quality Assurance

Production SOP as per WHO guidelines, safety and environmental preservation.

Practicing periodical calibration of equipment’s, instruments, and upgradation of the systems and Methodology to give fine quality output of products. And also conducting regular inspections by our statutory Government Inspecting bodies like local FDA, and also inspection by overseas government product registering authorities visiting our plant with reference product registration, factory approval by their government MOH.

Adequate facilities, trained personnel and procedures are available for sampling, inspecting and testing of starting materials, packaging materials, and finished products.

Exacting Quality Standards are upheld by a team of experience scientists aided by modern instruments and stringent technical review systems.

The sophisticated instrument like HPLC-LC 10 ATVP from Shimadzu Japan, allows for broad analysis.
The Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer from Chemitro ensures accurate analytical analysis. The Dissolution Test Apparatus from Tab Machines work on Timed released formulations.
Shelf-life of products is evaluated, based on Long term and Accelerated stability studies, with the help of Humidity control ovens.